Chinese New Year Deco

Chinese New Year is almost upon us! February 8th, ushers in the year of the Monkey.   New Year decoration is serious stuff (no monkeying around with this holiday!) and every person on this planet of Chinese heritage will celebrate it in some shape or form--- through food (copious amounts and all having some kind of symbolism to it), money (giving and receiving in red envelopes or hong baos), and family gatherings.   AD Magazine China's February issue featured beautiful Chinese New Year home decorations, which I was fortunate to be a part of, along with my pals Denise at Suzhou Cobbler and Betty at Ginger.  

Behind-the-scenes of the Feb issue of AD China's CNY Deco feature.  Paper Flowers by Paper Tiger Shanghai; Food by Ginger; Home and other deco by Suzhou Cobblers.