New Year Flowers

I often have bare branches from flowers that have dried up and fallen after the Christmas holidays and instead of throwing them out,  I save them (when I remember!) to 're-flower' with paper flowers made from leftover wrapping paper.

Paper Willow Branch (below)
These flowers are super easy to make.  You just need scissors, crafting wire and something round for tracing.  Cut out a fairly large circle using either a circle cutter or trace out a circle using a coaster or anything round; fold each in half, horizontally; roll or fold each into itself and punch a small hole at the bottom to thread your wire through and then wrap it around each branch.  The more willows on each branch the better!  I stuck my branches in a ceramic pot and stuffed it w/ green tissue paper to hold it in place.

Rolled Flower Branch (below)
I found this branch in a flower market and just loved its symmetry.  With Chinese New Year around the corner, I wrapped it in gold satin ribbon (the color gold symbolises good fortune and wealth for the Chinese, which is why you see it a lot in their home decor) and used a glue gun to secure down certain ends.  I then made some rolled flowers (I like this YouTube tutorial) from leftover wrapping paper and hot glued it to certain points of the branch.  Because my flowers turned out not-so-tight in the middle, I dropped some dried white berries to fill it up (kind of looks like little bird eggs) and stuck some dried sprigs in it too.  If I had enough time, I would have added some more rolled flowers on top.  The finished look makes for a nice little elegant display, I think!