The Frolicking Ladies of Huaihai

12 years on, living in Shanghai still throws up delightful surprises hidden in its lanes and buildings.   On a former French Concession walk a few months ago with Historic Shanghai, our tour led us into 1984 Huai Hai Zhong Lu---a lane I'm very familiar with, as a my good friends Melissa and Steve have lived here for many years.   It was a wonderful surprise to see that a home amongst this lane, exists beautiful murals of frolicking ladies in a garden and playing music, created in the terrazzo walls.   Also on the floor and walls of the entryway, are beautiful art-deco style graphics.  We are so lucky these are intact and are in relatively good condition.  Have fun finding them.  Look for that door!


I was inspired by the terrazzo floor graphic in this lane house and thus, had to be a part of my latest Art Deco note card collection.